About RVNC

Moving Our Mission Into the Community

The mission and vision of the River Valley Nursing Center has been consistent for over a decade. Then and now, we strive to serve those vulnerable individuals and families in our community by providing supportive and compassionate individualized health-related services with access to community resources. The uniqueness of our care model, is that our services are provided by Minnesota licensed Public Health Nurses with the help of Bi-lingual Spanish Interpreters/Community Outreach Workers. Through nursing assessments, health-education , referrals and follow-up, we can assist our families in reaching their health goals.

Because our model is community-based and very flexible in its delivery, we are able to bring our services “into the community” where our families live and work. Some of our community outreach activities include: Project Community Connect, coordination of flu clinics at community churches, and health screening/education in various community locations. Prevention through education and community connections continues to be the strength of our Nursing Center as well as our dedicated staff, board members, collaborators, funders, and friends. We look forward to continuing to serve those in need for many years to come.

River Valley Community Partnership

The River Valley Community Partnership was conceived of as an umbrella organization that would serve various sectors of our communities. The Partnership established the Nursing Center and that has remained it’s focus. The River Valley Community Partnership d/b/a The River Valley Nursing Center is a tax exempt organization – 501 (c)(3). Contributions are deductible under section 170 of the US Tax code; however, donors are advised to talk to their tax preparer for specific advice.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving vulnerable individuals and families in our community while promoting the leadership role of nurses.

Our Vision

Compassionate and individualized health-related services and community resources are available to all.

Prevention Philosophy

To assure all individuals and families in our community will have access to health promotion, disease prevention activities, curative and preventative health, as well as social services without regard to ability to pay.

Our Words for Action

No one will leave without at least one need addressed and/or resolved.

Accessible Locations

River Valley Nursing Center services are co-located with other community resource providers. 


The River Valley Nursing Center grew out of the Carver/Scott Healthy Communities Collaborative in 2003.  The seven original partners all shared a concern for the uninsured and under-insured in Carver and Scott counties.


Our Founding Partners

Allina Health
CAP Agency
Carver County Public Health
Park Nicollet Health Services
Scott County Public Health
St Francis Regional Medical Center
St Mary’s Health Clinics

Special Thanks to Barbara Zell

Barbara Zell’s nursing career included US Naval Nurse Corps, Public Health, Nursing Education, Executive Nursing at St. Francis Regional Medical Center, parish nursing and Executive Director of the River Valley Nursing Center. In addition to her leadership, Barbara penned the poem, Always a Friend that has been inspirational to our work at River Valley Nursing Center.

Always a Friend—
A Poem by Barbara Zell

Always a Friend
No one out there to help us to fend;
Into the dark, our light found an end.

We found you, you gave us hope;
We found you, you gave us love;
We found you, you helped us live.

First strangers in need,
Your help to mend.
No longer unknown;
Always a friend.